The Winners And Losers in Queens Bus Network Redesign Draft

The Queens bus network redesign may include priority routes like the 14th Street busway (left), but residents of Jackson Heights aren't happy (right).

OK, it's time to really look at the winners and losers of the MTA's Queens Bus Network redesign plan.

Crass? Maybe, but because the agency decided to make its redesign "revenue neutral," better service for some areas and riders is going to necessarily mean worse service for others.

Overall, the plan has been been lauded by many transit advocates — so that's good. But it's not perfect, as our analysis shows.

Brooklyn Pol: I Will Get Cops Out of Schermerhorn Street Bike Lane!

Police employee-owned vehicles fill the bike lane on Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Can Council Member Steve Levin accomplish what Council Member Steve Levin has failed to accomplish for nearly all of his two terms?
OMG, this is the best thing we saw all day.

Tuesday’s Headlines: Tactical Urbanism vs. Placard Abuse Edition

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Wait till you see what someone did to one of Borough President Adams's workers' cars! Plus the other headlines.
Count AOC skeptical about the FAA's explanations for why it ruled out alternatives to the Port Authority's preferred AirTrain route.

AOC to FAA: No on LGA AirTrain

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The Congress member wrote to the FAA blasting the lack of transparency around project, which would reside in her district.
It will be cooler today.

Monday’s Headlines: The Return of (Sort-Of) Winter Edition

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The nip in the air will mercifully return today, setting aside for at least a day that the planet is superheating (cherry blossoms in January? Don't blame Mother Nature). That plus the rest of the weekend headlines.
Photo via The New School

City Should Charge For Cruising Empty, Instead of Capping It

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"A charge on idle time is bound to be more effective," said Charles Komanoff.
A rendering of the proposed LGA AirTrain. Image: Governor's Office

Op-Ed: The LaGuardia AirTrain Needs a Close Look

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A $2-billion project affecting several neighborhoods demands the scrutiny of the city's land-use process.
pete buttigieg

Buttigieg’s Transportation Plan: Vision Zero Goes National

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There's lots of good news in Mayor Pete's plan — but also some bad.
The cyclist was treated by EMTs, but requested transport to an area hospital after being hit by a driver on Flushing Avenue. Photo: Julianne Cuba

Another Cyclist Injured Along Dangerous Flushing Avenue in Williamsburg

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This is what happens when city officials ignore unsafe streets right in their faces.
moment of impact

Friday’s Headlines: Just Slow the F Down Edition

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There was some horrifying video out of Borough Park yesterday — plus some non-news from a mayoral panel. Click above for all the headlines!
A montage of mayhem — with the solution in the center.

City Not Using Camera Tickets to Crack Down on Reckless Cabbies

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The Taxi and Limousine Commission claims it does not have the authority to take cabbies off the road for multiple camera-issued speeding tickets. But others say it does.
The plan would fix this disaster —?where Kent Avenue becomes Franklin Street in Brooklyn, and cyclists lose their protection. Photo: Google

City Safety Plan for Queens-Bound Cyclists: A Wrong-Way Detour

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The big fix for Kent Avenue and Franklin Street in Greenpoint is not so big and not such a fix.
The cantilevered section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn Heights. Photo:

Op-Ed: Imagining Downtown Brooklyn Without the BQE

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Here's what Downtown Brooklyn could look like without the BQE and its ramps slicing through it.
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